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AHA BLS CPR Classes and First Aid Training

CPR Certification Colorado Springs

AHA BLS CPR Classes and First Aid Training from an American Heart Association Training Site

AHA Training Site Colorado Springs


We guarantee that you will pass your AHA BLS CPR exam or you can come back to another class free of charge.
CPR Certification Card Same Day


After completing the CPR certification course we will issue your AHA BLS E-card on the same day as class
CPR Certification Class Guarantee


AHA BLS CPR is the most recognized and respected CPR Training. Your AHA BLS CPR E-Card is guaranteed to be accepted by your employer.

Let’s Book Your CPR Training

We offer CPR classes in Colorado Springs and Also Renew BLS CPR Certifications every week. We also offer come to you onsite CPR Training for groups and businesses of all types.

AHA BLS CPR Class Signup

The AHA BLS CPR Class, formerly known as BLS For Healthcare Provider, is a comprehensive CPR Certification Course that will teach you to do hands-on in-person quality CPR and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator in an emergency situation.

This course is suitable for all professions and meets or exceeds most employer requirements.

AHA BLS CPR + First Aid Signup

The combination of AHA BLS CPR Class paired with the supplemental CPR Certification Colorado Springs First Aid Training is a popular option for people looking to get some additional information to go along with their CPR Training.  At the end of the combination class you will be issued an AHA BLS CPR E Card and you will receive a CPR Certification Colorado Springs First Aid Card

Where We Teach CPR

Take an American Heart Association CPR Class in Colorado Springs with an official AHA Instructor. Get hands-on and in-person quality CPR training that is OSHA and employer approved! Simply choose a convenient date from the calendar.

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CPR Certification Class Colorado Springs
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Why take CPR and First Aid Courses?

  • 475,000 people die from cardiac arrest in the USA every year
  • 80% of cardiac arrest cases happen at home
  • The majority of heart event victims seem to be in good health
  • You may be in a situation where you’ll need to provide CPR until help arrives
  • Many jobs like child & health care require CPR certification
  • By getting certified you’ll be ready to face emergencies
  • 70% of Americans don’t have the training needed to help
  • Being trained in Basic Life Support CPR may help advance your career.

Who should take these courses?

There are no limitations on who can take these courses, no matter your age or profession. Generally, people from these categories take them the most:

Brands that trust us

What Customers Say about CPR Certification Colorado Springs

“The CPR Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and kind. He came to our dental office and taught the class after hours got the whole staff CPR Certified. CPR Certification Colorado Springs has gone above and beyond for their students. Thank you!”

“Our Instructor was knowledgeable and full of energy. They went through the material thoroughly and taught us in a way we could remember and have fun doing it! CPR and AED certification cards are sent right away after class. Highly recommend.”

“I needed BLS CPR Renewal at a time that was convenient for my busy schedule as a nurse. I very much enjoyed the class and look forward to returning again when my recertification is due. Thanks!”

“Everything in the BLS class was presented clearly. The hands on in person setup worked really well for me as I was renewing for the 9th time. The hands-on demo and test were efficient! I got my card the Same Day! Definitely recommend!”

What CPR Courses Do We Teach?

The AHA Basic Life Support CPR class is the gold standard in CPR Certifications for Healthcare providers and anyone else wanting to learn CPR at this level.

The BLS CPR class covers Adult, Child, and infant CPR and AED Machine usage as well.

Teachers, Construction workers, Personal Trainers and other non-healthcare providers also will benefit from this quality hands-on CPR Certification.

The Combination BLS CPR and First Aid Training includes the complete AHA BLS CPR Course as well as an optional NON-AHA First Aid Course.

Both cards are issued the same day as class.

This option is for people who require the AHA BLS CPR Class but would also like to expand their knowledge a little further into other subject matter not typically covered in CPR Class alone.

Businesses and Organizations of all types benefit from the onsite group CPR training that we provide.

Our American Heart Association CPR Instructors will come to you and conduct a thorough hands-on CPR training session at your location.

We can come to your office, special event center or even your backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome everyone to take the AHA BLS CPR course. Anyone can take our courses, no matter their background or profession. The BLS CPR course is complete enough for the healthcare industry but accessible enough so that people of all backgrounds can learn high quality CPR.

Knowledge and abilities need to be regularly updated, so you must renew your CPR certification every two years.

To renew your CPR Certification just sign up for another training. Our classes are designed for both recertifications as well as for the first-timers.

Our CPR and first aid courses involve hands-on practice sessions, so wear something comfortable. If you have long hair, it is best to wear it back.

Virtually all employers in the United States require that the CPR training their employees receive have a hands-on in person component and also a skill check.  If you take an online only course, you will likely have to retake a quality CPR class like the one we provide. The American Heart Association CPR class is the most accepted card there is, so you don’t have to worry and you won’t be wasting your time in our CPR class.

The price of BLS CPR class costs $59.95, while First Aid + BLS CPR class costs $79.95.